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Repo info
    Aleš Katona
    General development for the next major release 1. get geth/parity auto-updating going directly from source (with pgp verification) for windows/mac 2. trezor T support 3. parity support (optional item)
    Aleš Katona
    Oh hey i've been neglecting gitter lately
    hello every one
    i want to setup this code of etherwall on my visual studio
    How to use these codes?https://github.com/almindor/etherwall
    jared king
    Looks like in a little late
    Hi people! I have downloaded Etherwall today and I've transfered 540€ of ethereum on there. As soon as I closed the app for the first time, I wasn't able to open it again, and it continues to show me the same error. The programm can't find some extensions it has in order to work. I don't understand how and why.
    Can someone help me to recover my money and account? I have tried to download it again but I can't enter into the same account I created once. Quite ridiculous.
    Hello Aleš, I am the guy who sent you an encrypted email recently. I switched here because of some other issues with email (and what I want to discuss is not sensitive anyway)
    I wanted to ask if there are any Etherwall builds for non-Arch ditros, particularly apt-based (Debian, Devuan, Ubuntu, Trisquel).
    I need to provide some people with a convenient way to install Etherwall and if there are no such builds, then perhaps I could help package the wallet into .deb packages? Please tell if you're willing to accept contributions in this field :)