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Repo info
    ok, thanks
    I'm using nixos
    does codex work with nix ?
    or nix os ?
    Aloïs Cochard
    @jhegedus42 I'm not using nixos, but I am using nix for haskell developement on my archlinux os
    it work fine
    maybe with nixos... the hackage cache is dealt differently, is it at the same place ?
    i have a look
    Aloïs Cochard
    we have this meetup going on right now, I should report back on this issue in a few days, http://www.meetup.com/Helsinki-Functional-Reactive-Programming-Meetup/events/223555438/
    I cannot concentrate on two separate things
    i was trying to setup codex for the meetup
    Aloïs Cochard
    @jhegedus42 but even with this error, codex should generate the codex file by finding the dependencies on hackage
    (if all the libs you are using in your project are published on hackage)
    I tried to clone your repo (https://github.com/ryantrinkle/try-reflex) but there is no file in reflex-todomvc, if you push your changes I can give it a try
    i look into it right now
    the develop branch
    @aloiscochard i have some error with this cabal file
    1 -- Initial ghcjs-jquery.cabal generated by cabal init. For further-
    2 -- documentation, see http://haskell.org/cabal/users-guide/
    4 name: ghcjs-jquery
    5 version:
    6 homepage: http://github.com/ghcjs/ghcjs-jquery
    7 license: MIT
    8 license-file: LICENSE
    9 author: Luite Stegeman
    10 maintainer: stegeman@gmail.com
    11 category: Web
    12 build-type: Simple
    13 cabal-version: >=1.10
    14 extra-source-files: JavaScript/JQuery/nonghcjs.txt
    16 library
    17 js-sources: jsbits/makeListener.js, jquery/jquery-1.11.1.js
    18 ghcjs-options: -O2
    19 exposed-modules: JavaScript.JQuery
    20 JavaScript.JQuery.Internal
    21 build-depends: base ==4.7.*,
    22 data-default,
    23 ghcjs-base,
    24 ghcjs-dom,
    25 text
    27 default-language: Haskell2010
    28 include-dirs: JavaScript/JQuery
    it gives me :

    ghc@ac49a96993e9:~/ghcjs-jquery$ vi JavaScript/JQuery.hs

    cabal: user error (Saved package config file seems to be corrupt. Try re-running the 'configure' command.)
    codex: warning falling back on dependency resolution using hackage
    Updating ghcjs-jquery-

    @aloiscochard does codex generate tags also for the dependencies of the dependencies ?
    say i have a cabal project A which depends on a cabal project B which depends on cabal project C
    so when a tag from project A brings me to a source file in project B and then look up the definition of an identifier in project B which was imported from project C, will it work ?
    @aloiscochard ^ ?
    it seems to be that it does not work
    at least now that i have tried codex on https://github.com/ghcjs/ghcjs-jquery
    then it does not work
    but i can look up the definition of JQuery for example
    in here
    Tobias Pflug
    @aloiscochard Get in contact with me via mail or twitter asap please
    any ideas about the dependencies of dependencies question ?
    @aloiscochard ?
    Aloïs Cochard
    @jhegedus42 sorry for late reply! Yes it should work, but maybe the dependency in this is transitive
    By default codex does not handle transitive dependencies, but this could be added
    That have a massive impact though, so it should be behind a flag
    Please file an issue if you want to see this feature added, thank you!
    (I realize a message was missing... Before 'that have a...' I wrote "By default codex does not handle transitive dependencies, but this could be added")
    thanks @aloiscochard , so basically if ProjectA depends on ProjectB which depends on ProjectC then if I generate tags for projectA then I cannot jump to definitions which are defined in ProjectC ? is that correct?
    so say, first I follow a tag from ProjectA to ProjectB
    then in ProjectB I would like to see the definition of something declared in ProjectC, will that work?
    if not, then is there a way to make that work?
    if i generate tags for ProjectB separately?