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    alonewolfx2 on newspiffs

    significant rework of main spif… Merge pull request #9 from rabu… (compare)

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    alonewolfx2 on newspiffs

    fix for unable to read errors new upstream (v0.3.3 + our chan… Merge pull request #7 from rabu… (compare)

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    fix for unable to read errors Merge pull request #8 from rabu… (compare)

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    alonewolfx2 on newspiffs

    fix broken padding fix errno issue Merge pull request #4 from rabu… and 2 more (compare)

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  • Oct 09 2015 20:50
    raburton opened #5
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    flexiti commented #2
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    alonewolfx2 commented #2
Rohit Gupta
however esptool2 is exported to bash and works
but not in the Sming Directory
rather it works in the /opt directory
Sorry for the n00b question
esptool2 is another project. Raburton's project and its not in sming
You need to clone esptool2 repo at sming/Sming/esptool2 directory and make. Then you might need download libwinpthread-1.dll in esptool2 directory
we moved new gitter https://gitter.im/SmingHub/Sming
Hi, my Sming 0x00000.bin is >0x9000. Any ideas how to fix this?
I am using https://github.com/slaff/Sming (branch with SSL)
@amxbc our main chat is https://gitter.im/SmingHub/Sming please came in
Does the Sming framework include an i2c sample>
I have not been able to find a working example
yes it has
After installing the websocket_client, the websocket httpserver gives these errors when I try to compile
c:/tools/sming/Sming/SmingCore/Boards.h:17: undefined reference to `WebSocket::sendString(String const&)'
Anybody got any idea?
@jasperachtbaan had you success in Websocket Client?
Chris Marrin
I just found out about Sming. Why should I use it rather than the Arduino ESP SDK?
I ask because I tried an experiment when I trimmed back the "cores" files until I got it down to a single ESP.cpp/.h file which had all the needed stubs for C++ stuff and umm_malloc. I got it working with simple examples using the native ESP SDK and found that the savings was just a few K of Flash, but it saved a whopping 5K of precious RAM
any facing the following issues with latest SMING

`C+ system/m_printf.cpp
In file included from c:\tools\sming\sming\smingcore\HardwarePWM.h:25:0,
from c:\tools\sming\sming\smingcore\smingcore.h:25,
from system/m_printf.cpp:10:
SmingCore/pwm.h:61:18: error: conflicting declaration of 'DriverPWM EspPWM' wit
'C' linkage
extern DriverPWM EspPWM;
In file included from c:\tools\sming\sming\smingcore\smingcore.h:24:0,
from system/m_printf.cpp:10:
c:\tools\sming\sming\smingcore\DriverPWM.h:61:18: note: previous declaration wi
h 'C++' linkage
extern DriverPWM EspPWM;
In file included from c:\tools\sming\sming\smingcore\smingcore.h:25:0,
from system/m_printf.cpp:10:
c:\tools\sming\sming\smingcore\HardwarePWM.h:47:17: error: 'PWM_CHANNEL_NUM_MAX
was not declared in this scope
uint8 channels[PWM_CHANNEL_NUM_MAX];
make: * [out/build/system/m_printf.o] Error 1

C:\tools\sming\Sming>grep -r _CHANNEL_NUM_MAX .
Binary file ./SmingCore/.HardwarePWM.h.swp matches
./SmingCore/HardwarePWM.cpp: uint32 io_info[PWM_CHANNEL_NUM_MAX][3];
// pin information
./SmingCore/HardwarePWM.cpp: uint32 pwm_duty_init[PWM_CHANNEL_NUM_MA
]; // pwm duty
./SmingCore/HardwarePWM.h: uint8 channels[PWM_CHANNEL_NUM_MAX];`

fixed issue for both.
1) commented extra declaration in DriverPWM.h
2) same file name in include paths is messing up. Renamed SmingCore/PWM.h to SmingCore/SMINGPWM.h
Compilation passd.
MD5 - Any idea how to use the 'buildin' md5 functionality in a sming program to calculate md5 of a string ? Could use Md5Builder however use ssl so the 'buildin' already included,could save some space
Does anyone have any experience with Sming and the ESP SDK 1.5? Sming doesn't expose the WPA2 Enterprise AP functions, which appear to be contained in the libwap2 library (not linked in by the Sming make files). I'm not sure what the best way is to expose and call these functions... for example: wifi_station_clear_cert_key()
I think I'll need to modify the Sming makefiles to make the lib available, then modify my application to include the header definition, and possibly mark it as extern "C"... does anyone have a good grasp on how this is done? maybe?
(libwpa2 library that is)**
For anyone interested, I had to add wpa2 into the LIBS entry in the Makefile-project.mk in order to add support for the extra WPA2-Enterpirse functions. I also added an extern "C" wrapper around my include for the user_interface.h function declaration header file. It compiled and worked with my application.cpp calls
I just put sming and eclipse, and I have a bit of a stupid question: how to flash the firmware from the eclipse?
Daniel Pechmann
I am trying tô add udp in a big existent project. It compile and program the chip without erros but dont start anymore. Removing other non used code (at the momento) for test purposes it compile and run.
There are some kind of warning about memory limits?
Daniel Pechmann
It compile without erros or warnings, just dont starts
Where can i get informations about memory used by my code?
is an analogue EEPROM.write / read, which is saved when you upgrade the firmware?
Daniel Pechmann
hey guys, having a issue here. my app can http post/get over the internet to a central server. But the inverse is not true, I cannot connect to the ESP-12-E webserver behind a router or over the internet. If the connection is not in the same IP range the http server is not working
looks like the esp-12 is receiving the request but cannot reach back to the client
in the local network is working fine
Does anyone have the latest HttpServer_* working? I'm getting fatal exceptions on _ConfigNetwork _Bootstrap _AJAX . I haven't tried any others
Fatal exception (28):
epc1=0x4000228b, epc2=0x00000000, epc3=0x00000000, excvaddr=0x000000b5, depc=0x00000000
is the exception for all the HttpServer* examples, also get it in MeteoControl
Есть кто живой?
I need help with sleep mode. My ESP8266 don't wake up after sleep.
Please help me!
my schemataic
Hi, just installed everything from https://github.com/SmingHub/Sming/wiki/Windows-Quickstart and opened the Basic_WiFi example. But now Eclipse complains in application.cpp in "init()" about the Serial.begin(SERIAL_BAUD_RATE); ... First try was to fill 115200 instead, but he only accepts () -nothing ... Confused ?
Hello, all. Who has an example for Wi-fi direct or p2p for a Arduino ide?

Hi, I'm new to this world, I was trying to install sming but when I issue the command "choco install sming -y -source 'https://www.myget.org/f/sming/'
" on the win cmd shell I get this error " - sming (exited 1) - sming not installed. An error occurred during installation:
Unable to resolve dependency 'jre8 '."

Could anyone give me help if possible?

Hi. Я загрузил в esp пример с ds18b20, в терминале наблюдаю отладочную информацию, как ее отключить?
Hi. I uploaded an example to esp with ds18b20, I see debugging information in the terminal, how can I disable it?