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    Hongfei Ding
    proud to be the 2nd person in alphaTab community :-)
    which means now it's a "real" community, as there can be conversations :-)
    Daniel Kuschny
    I hope as soon the new website goes live and this link actually becomes more public also more people will join in :smile:
    Hello there ✌ big fan of alphatab here
    Hello, i discovered alphaTab recently in a comment on stackoverflow. So just let me introduce why I’m interested in AlphaTab.(and first, sorry my English is not my native tongue) I started last June to develop an app in C# in order to do (in a first step) a copy of Guitar Pro 5.2 but with GP6 and GP7 compatibility ^^ (i don't like GP6 and 7 and i'm still on GP5). My first concern about my project was "performance", i didn't wanted to waste time in developping code to import GP5/6/7 and drawing every possible glyph if at the end my app is too slow to be usable when loading big tab… I got decent result (with 100,000 glyphs loaded, refreshing as fast as GP5 when resizing and memory usage around 65Mb without memory leak, drawing with GDI+ in a winforms) I worked on some other aspect and now I’m at the moment where I will start to code how to draw each glyph, but I just found your project so I started to test it and dive in your code 😊(i never used nodejs and typescript before but i figured out how to compile it and launch your sample app)
    I have some question about your project, I only test it in WPF/Winforms, I see what you call lazyLoading for the javascript version only, do you have plan to add it for the desktop version? It could enhance the performance of alphatab with this on big tab.
    There is a way to use the default MIDI device (Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth) ? I see that you use Midi internally with the synth TinySoundFont but I think it would be an option to send MIDI as output while playback (to an external sequencer or to a DAW by a virtual midiPort)
    And last thing, the “Score Editing API” planned in the version 1.5 is what it could permit to write a tab? right?
    Thank you for your work!
    Hello there. I want to build a ukulele tab app and i found alphatab which is a amazing library that is capable to import .gp files and play audio. Using alphatab can save me lots of work. And then i noticed that some notations didn't show like "Low G" sign and "Hummer-on" sign. So i wonder if there will be more work to do on notation extraction in future. If not may i can help.
    hi guys
    I am having some issue using alphatab speed button
    when i use the "api.playbackSpeed(0.5);" but i get the error "1145 Uncaught TypeError: api.playbackSpeed is not a function"!
    i really need that button
    I ll be appreciate for any help