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Apr 2015
Apr 03 2015 01:39
@alvarosanchez - Hi Alvaro, Thanks for the REST plugin - it rocks! One question: I am currently using GORM for storage and I noticed that if I call /api/login multiple times it generates multiple instances of the authentication token in the database. Is this expected behavior? I would have expected it to check if there is already an authentication token present for the user (if they are authenticated) and if so just return that token rather than generate a new one (provided it hasn't expired). Or I could just be doing something wrong. Thanks for your help!
Diego Cardozo
Apr 03 2015 02:45
@jadelus Think about mobile devices and a desk machine, you can login from both places without disconnect the other device/machine.
Apr 03 2015 05:57
@alvarosanchez Thanks for your response. I could understand that if I was using multiple clients but I'm only using the one desktop client right now (the Google Chrome Postman REST client).