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Aug 2015
Álvaro Sánchez-Mariscal
Aug 06 2015 10:34
@ChaosWars I don't quite get your question. You need a token that represents another user?
@afrobeard this is a Grails plug-in. If you are not using Grails, there's no point on using it
@hussainanjar there are no plans to support Grails. My latest statement regarding that can be seen in slide 84 @
Lawrence Lee
Aug 06 2015 20:05
@alvarosanchez yeah, a business case for our software is letting admins log in as users when users report issues via the error reporting capabilities of the application. So we need to generate a valid token for that user so that the admin can log into their account and see what if is going on is actually a bug before filing a bug report