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Jachen Duschletta
[D]jabis: a little bit late but HNY everyone 😛 I'll be returning to the "forge" maybe during next week or sth, have some(read: a lot) of visa stuff to resolve - places to be - meanwhile riding the doggy to the vets semi-daily, so a lot out of involuntary out-of-puter things in my schedule ^^

[D]anoxy: <@178314946201780224> thanks it is hard to not help when there are great people in here helping me out :) I really love this community!

<@648558515463651338> I really hope that your becomes healthy one day. As I wrote earlier they to raise the dogs pH-level . It is because of low pH levels animals and humans gets cancer

[D]anoxy: <@178314946201780224> is it possible to write binary files in a GUN node ?
Jachen Duschletta
[D]bmatusiak: <@!178314946201780224> so cloud9 license states that it is available as SDK for plugin development for license for non-commercial use, my indented goal is to build the gunfs plugin (for personal use), this works for me as im not
commercializing my it. and building the plugin is a good way to test out gunfs
[D]bmatusiak: is C9 saving files to GUN, or C9 loaded out of GUN? so currently, c9 is saving files in gun, now the real next thing for me is to create a package manager for peerApps, when i have a package-manager done,, i can then pack cloud9+gun into a package,
[D]bmatusiak: with the package manager, im planning a lot of tools.
[D]bmatusiak: like signing/verifying with ACL
Jachen Duschletta
[D]bmatusiak: i also need to build in indexing for gunfs
Jachen Duschletta
[D]anoxy: <@139291366869041153> you are doing an amazing job, I hope that you can gather together all links which we can see in the GUNDB Svelte documents
Jachen Duschletta
[D]anoxy: A question, lets say that I put data in a node with:
        1. `someData1 = {name: 'Title', tag: 'my tag'}`
        2. `user.get('notes').get('category').get(nodeKey).put(someData1)`

        then I delete that data with:
        3. `user.get('notes').get('category').get(nodeKey).put(null)`

        the `nodeKey` will still be there, but if I choose to delete the `nodeKey` itself by using
        4. `user.get('notes').get('category').put(null)`

        is all the data belonging to that nodeKey also delete? 
        Lets assume that I delete the `nodeKey`, and later on I add some data to the same nodeKey:

        5. `someData2 = {describe: 'Some description', where: 'here :) '}`
        6. `user.get('notes').get('category').get(nodeKey).put(someData2)`

        will anything from the old data (`someData1`) be shown after step `6` ?
        In other words will the `name` and `tag` words still be there even though I deleted it according to step `3`?
Jachen Duschletta
[D]bmatusiak: <@!366349503265112074> user.get('notes').get('category').put(null) will delete other nodekeys
[D]Dletta: but all the children are preserved at root
[D]Dletta: so you could re-reference them later
[D]Dletta: <@!366349503265112074>
[D]bmatusiak: ^^
[D]vegardkrogh: How about this?
// add object with multiple keys
user.get("notes").get(key).put({ name, tag })

// delete single key/value from object

let document;
user.get("notes").get(key).once(data => (document = data))
delete document["tags"]

[D]Dletta: So let's say you do 4. before 3 then you can go back to someData1 and it will still be here
[D]anoxy: <@!280426612900757504> yes I am aware of that, but the nodeKeys are still there and probably withs data as well preserved at root, so whener I add a nodeKey back its content will be back or am I wrong <@!612728945313316904> ?
[D]vegardkrogh: <@!366349503265112074> thank you! I'll try to update the documents with as many sensible approaches as I can find. But I really think that https://github.com/irislib/iris-lib is a great example of proper usage of GUN in a library, but it's hard to make an approach like this fit the format of documentation examples
Jachen Duschletta
[D]anoxy: <@!139291366869041153> thanks I will test your coding.
indeed iris-lib is good, but I think we need more simple demos for making people to get used to both GUN and Svelte 🙂
Jachen Duschletta
[D]anoxy: Ok guys, I have issues now with deleting a node and later on adding some data to it.

[D]anoxy: basically I add data to a node with:

and I delete all the data with:

this works without any problems.... BUT I cannot add more data to that node again after setting it to null

so if I do this again:

the data isnt added at all even though I cannot see the result of the object in the Console

[D]anoxy: please check the link above and tell me what I am doing wrong
[D]anoxy: note that I can delete nodeKeys without any problems, but this user.get('notes').get('category').put(null); doesnt work
Jachen Duschletta
[D]anoxy: Is this perhaps a bug?
@amark in the bug I filed regarding the internal timeout errors (warnings?) I was able to reproduce it with just callbacks. Add a delay of about 10-20 seconds to the end of a test, they'll show up.
Jachen Duschletta
I sent you a DM
@amark I'm starting to use ETL / scatter gather and once I get used to the idiosyncrasies of the Gun API it seems to work fine so far. In fact I'm writing a lightweight wrapper to hide the idiosyncrasies and I'd be happy to share when I've got something more substantial
Jachen Duschletta
[D]bmatusiak: <@!366349503265112074> i was able to re init the scope like
[D]bmatusiak: so to you can do this to add them instead
var $gk = {};
  $gk[Gun.time.is()] = objectData;
Jachen Duschletta
[D]Dletta: <@366349503265112074> if you had other data on your key it will be back
[D]Dletta: But if you null them all out, then it will just show nulls
Jachen Duschletta

[D]anoxy: <@280426612900757504> by re-init do you mean: get back the node data ?

<@612728945313316904> so in other words, if I put null on a node for ie in my case if I do null on category by get('category') then only the node itself gets nulled, any other data or keyNodes which belongs to that node will still be present in the root right ?

[D]anoxy: How can I null out all data and nodeKeys which belongs to a nodem
[D]anoxy: <@280426612900757504> but why cannot I only use the regular method by using put(someData) in a node which has been nulled ?
[D]anoxy: I think this is an odd behavior, I should at least be able to use the regular put(someData) in a
nulled node.
Jachen Duschletta

[D]anoxy: @anoxy if you had other data on your key it will be back

<@612728945313316904> you wrote like this, can you please provide an example of this after using null on the node ?

[D]Dletta: So category only contains a reference to a sub node, so putting null there only removes the reference to the subnode, but subnode isn’t deleted. To delete a subnode you start at the lowest node you want delete and slowly work up nulling each property
Jachen Duschletta

[D]anoxy: How is that done in a smooth way ?
And yeah null only deletes the references I got that part, but why cannot I add new references to the nulled node ? This can be seen here

Create a user and login, add some categories, and then delete the node. And try to add new categories. It just doesn't work. <@280426612900757504> sent some code to make it works but I think it should still be possible to give new references to a nulled node with put

[D]bmatusiak: i see, setting it as null i think stops it from adding props/more paths/nodes so setting a object with some data re-enables paths, so it a possible bug
[D]bmatusiak: like in js if you have var testing = null and do testing.something = "hello" it fails
Jachen Duschletta
[D]bmatusiak: but gun does reference it to root
[D]Dletta: testing = {}
[D]Dletta: You should first turn it back into an object , no?
[D]bmatusiak: yea exactly
[D]bmatusiak: thats what im thinking
[D]Dletta: Because null is not an object
[D]Dletta: <@366349503265112074> put {}
[D]Dletta: See if that works
[D]bmatusiak: yea he tried