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Jachen Duschletta
[D]bmatusiak: well i may have some form of "password-less" or "2fa" for SEA using yubikey
[D]mimiza: @<@621036850697601053> For css i use Bulma , which is a no-js and css-only CSS framework. I'm not a coding guru, but a very experienced web developer/designer. So you can trust my opinions πŸ˜‰
Jachen Duschletta
[D]Dyno: Welcome <@639386319251832832>!!! GUN (https://github.com/amark/gun) is a P2P protocol for syncing data used by 8M+ people monthly across Internet Archive, HackerNoon, DTube (decentralized youtube), Notabug (p2p reddit), & more. Please try the 5min tutorial (https://gun.eco/docs/Todo-Dapp) to get started!
Kamil Przeorski
Jachen Duschletta
[D]xenister: hi wanted to know if anyone has a good example of GunJs on vueJs
Jachen Duschletta
[D]sirpy: <@!178314946201780224> see PM
Jussi RytkΓΆnen
My first app built on GUN :D https://edide.io/ksp.app
(voting app used in live improv shows)
Jachen Duschletta
[D]xenister: hello i'm been testing gunJs with vueJs for a few days and now i'm testing the user section i can't get to keep the user logged in after refresh,
after the loggin i call User.recall() witch is suposed to Recall saves a users credentials in sessionStorage of the browser. As long as the tab of your app is not closed the user stays logged in, even through page refreshes and reloads. but that don't work,
anyone know why ?
[D]bmatusiak: there is a trick to it
[D]xenister: how ?
[D]bmatusiak: here is how i use it
[D]bmatusiak: this line is before my app loads
[D]bmatusiak: the doRegister function finishes the load
[D]xenister: thkx gonna check it imediatly
Jachen Duschletta
[D]bmatusiak: πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» https://groups.google.com/d/msg/onlykey/KdgMn6fifq0/oeSnPn-xDAAJ muhahahaha
[D]Dletta: Gun uses 2 key pairs, one for signing and one for encryption
[D]bmatusiak: so pair A and pair B have there own PubKey and PrivKey? <@!612728945313316904>
Jachen Duschletta
[D]mhelander: Yes that's the case. pub/priv is for signing/verifying and epub/epriv is for encryption/decrypting
Jachen Duschletta
[D]bmatusiak: <@!178314946201780224> <@!621036850697601053> https://groups.google.com/d/msg/onlykey/KdgMn6fifq0/kFUcnvS8DAAJ well i have a realy good direction
[D]Dletta: Inte
[D]Dletta: Interesting
Jachen Duschletta
[D]anoxy: <@103660564651212800> do you have an online GUN instance or do you run it locally with onΓΆt requiring Gun()?
I used to have same issue when K only required Gun() and as soon as I initiated the online Gun instance I didn't have problems after refresh ( to stay logged in )
Jachen Duschletta
[D]bmatusiak: o, snap, hes here
Jachen Duschletta
[D]Dyno: Welcome <@292435188003241984>!!! GUN (https://github.com/amark/gun) is a P2P protocol for syncing data used by 8M+ people monthly across Internet Archive, HackerNoon, DTube (decentralized youtube), Notabug (p2p reddit), & more. Please try the 5min tutorial (https://gun.eco/docs/Todo-Dapp) to get started!
[D]applemaster2000: Hello
Hello, I'm still attempting to get a basic nodejs test running. Now when I end the test nodejs hangs and leaked-handles is indicating three leaked file handles.
'use strict'
const tape = require('tape')
const _test = require('tape-promise').default // <---- notice 'default'
const test = _test(tape) // decorate tape
const Gun = require('gun');
const Sea = require('gun/sea');

    fullStack: true, // use full stack traces 
    timeout: 20000, // run every 5 seconds instead of 5. 
    debugSockets: true // pretty print tcp thrown exceptions. 

test('create a key value pair using callbacks', async function (t) {
  const gun = Gun();
  const value = 'value';

  gun.get('key').put({property: value }).once(result => {
    t.equal(result.property, value, 'result  was what we put in');
    gun.get('key').once(result2 => {
      t.equal(result2.property, value, 'result2  was what we put in');
      setTimeout(function () {
        t.ok(true, 'test shold end now');
      }, 11000)
is there some sort of call to close the gun database and get it to close any file handles?
It looks to me like the built in storage mechanism doesn't ever close.
Jachen Duschletta
[D]marknadal: <@!366349503265112074> <3 Binary data adapters can be added in future, but people have been using Base64 with HD videos now/already. (3) is correct, `get(nodeKey).put(null)` will null out the *reference* to that -- ah <@!612728945313316904> already helped <3! If you null 1st then save data again, it will be a NEW node that blows out the old one, not merge with the old one. You cannot save nested data to a null (or any primitive) parent, you'd have to re-save it as a nested document/object like <@!139291366869041153> thought of & <@!280426612900757504> showed. Hard delete full node :/ not quite possible yet, as GUN cannot determine if it was an accidental data loss to resync or intentional unless tombstone (null). w00t, I could have just skimmed this, I didn't even need to reply-as-I-read. SO EXCITING AND COOL to see so much help/support. :) <@!647370527635144704> I deeply appreciate that, thank you. Yes, very much consider non-code contributions as important ❀️ especially community kindness/generosity.
<@!621036850697601053> do you need a GUI yet for your CMS? I'm trying to move https://github.com/eraeco/joydb in that direction, but πŸ˜› have no time. Toss a static page up on GitHub Pages or Netlify, + free heroku relay peer + dynamic realtime updating secure (because of you!) page! Or Ghost or something?
<@!624103263482150912> πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ mind sharing your Gatsby + GUN integration????
<@!491228220520136704> πŸ‘
<@!103660564651212800> :/ :/ ? ? ? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53578591/keeping-a-gun-db-user-authenticated-during-a-session/53741832#53741832 ? ? ? :/ :/
<@!280426612900757504> nice πŸ‘ , what is the πŸ‘‘ ?
@pszabop what I usually do in my tests is call process.exit() would that work? Yeah, GUN has HTTP server that stays alive, more than the fs.
<@!639386319251832832> <@!292435188003241984> WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ⚑ ⚑ ⚑ πŸ‘ How'd you hear about us??? What are you wanting to build??????
[D]bmatusiak: πŸ‘‘ is appended to your name in user's list
[D]bmatusiak: πŸ˜‹
Mark Nadal
@Dletta do me a favor and change your gitter profile pic to something unique, so it is easier for to scan when I check both sites? <3 <3 <3 thanks! Maybe something silly and super obvious (solid color?). Mostly cause gitter/github generates those pixel art avatars for people and they look very similar.
@jussiry w00t! More voting apps! Yours, NAB, @nmaro 's!
@PrzeoR_twitter WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME!!!!!!!! :zap: :zap: :clap: :clap: WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY!!!! How'd you hear about us? What are you working on!???
@estebanrfp woops my reply was empty to you, you got things going? Need any more help?
Jachen Duschletta
[D]Dyno: Welcome <@84101467539017728>!!! GUN (https://github.com/amark/gun) is a P2P protocol for syncing data used by 8M+ people monthly across Internet Archive, HackerNoon, DTube (decentralized youtube), Notabug (p2p reddit), & more. Please try the 5min tutorial (https://gun.eco/docs/Todo-Dapp) to get started!
[D]marknadal: <@!407331962269728768> the voting app (rock paper scissors) is gorgeous and game like! How do you do it!!!??
[D]marknadal: <@!84101467539017728> yo yo yo !!!!! WELCOME !!!!!!! ⚑ πŸ‘ ⚑ πŸ‘ what are you working on? How'd you hear about us?
[D]marknadal: <@!280426612900757504> ROFL, I didn't notice that, must have been <@!203666215502217216> doing who set up the Discord channel, haha. Oye, well, there are no πŸ‘‘ in decentralization, πŸ‘‘ to centralized. Down with πŸ‘‘ !
[D]bmatusiak: πŸ”₯
[D]bmatusiak: its burnt down. now
@amark process.exit() isn't very compatible with the Tape mechanism, as a summary may or may not get printed out. Is there something clean than process.exit()? Should I hack in a close event somewhere?
@amark Also I haven't enabled the HTTP server option yet.
Jachen Duschletta
[D]Pdbz199: Hi! I'm not really working on anything quite yet, just looking around for DB solutions. My friend recommended we take a look at gun db!
[D]marknadal: anybody ? ??? https://gun.eco/docs/Voting ??? thoughts <@!321271119304720384> <@!407331962269728768> @go1dfish
[D]marknadal: <@!84101467539017728> awesome πŸ˜„ glad to hear that. Would love to say hi to your friend too!
[D]applemaster2000: <@!178314946201780224> I'm Preston's friend