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Connor Davis
Will now
Mark Nadal
I actually don't know how to create zoom links cause I use meething all the time
thanks connor
Martti Malmi
I’ve used meet.google.com
Mark Nadal
:+1: if someone is missing zoom let's use meet.google
does everyone have zoom?
I used it on the web, im ok with either
Mark Nadal
@Manuel-777 did we lose you? Your next on your DHT
has anyone had success transplanting iris to react native?
Jasper Molgvits
Why do some messages with gun.get('db').map().once() just not arrive? Everything else seems to be working great, but every tenth message seems to get lost (...at SEA?). There's even no error message on any side.
Mark Nadal
@u007 yes - were you able to copy it into a github issue that we can copy/replicate from? Then let's jump on a call to debug.
@lain:iwakura.xyz :clap: @finwo . Yeah I don't use BigInts, was this peculiarventure/webcrypto polyfill? Browser does not need that, they have the real WebCrypto already.
@Zlynt GUN only syncs data you are subscribed to, not all data, so it works well on mobile.
@fsvieira thanks @jaspermolgvits_gitlab for trying to help out, but yeah, it looks like (I can confirm) its not triggering. That's not good, I have a ton of tests around this, but this is clearly not working. Hmm I wonder why I haven't seen this before, but good catch on both of these (I'm surprise dthe other one isn't axe issue), will you open issue with this as well. I'd like to treat this with higher priority - by chance you have time to get on a call with me and we debug together? Oh wow, you already figured out its an issue with localStorage. Yeah, still definitely a bug, this should work in-memory same as not. That help hint to me that it may be a simple bug with assuming an ack will be received when it won't.
@lain:iwakura.xyz :clap: @Manuel-777 ! And BTW, its easy to make immutable history, just .set( rather than .put( or use frozen space.
@petertjmills :wave: :) https://github.com/brysgo/graphql-gun to save the day! Tho its not upgraded to latest yet, so may need an old version of GUN.
No no no, GUN is tiny, my target is 9KB but with default adapters its like 16KB, which is a fraction of ReactJS or other libraries. Its super tiny, no browser dependencies.
@azdez:matrix.org you can check out the early preview of pagination with https://gun.eco/docs/RAD#lex :) tho may be buggy. Arrays are .set( or you can just stringify the array if you want it atomic.
@aspirational:matrix.org hi! :) you could always cheat and do something like var chain = gun.get('thing'); thing.watch = thing.watch || thing.on(callback).
@nouman22194_twitter :wave: hiiiiiii!! :) :clap: @connor-davis . Tho AXE is pretty buggy right now, so don't have high hopes.
@sammosna hmm I don't think their gitter is @resession ,
@dweorh_twitter .off() is broken in latest, will you screen-call with me to get it fixed? Should only take 20min.
@libensveto_twitter Iris already working in React Native! And with the new fix from @aethiop should be ready to go with latest GUN too.
@jaspermolgvits_gitlab every 10th message? Interesting, the CPU scheduler handles things in chunks of 9. Can you jump on a call with me to show me?
Jasper Molgvits
I'd be happy to call you, I'm about to pull my hair out
How would I go about doing that?
Mark Nadal
@jaspermolgvits_gitlab oh hey
you still on?
Jasper Molgvits
Mark Nadal
yes we can jump on call just a second....
(do you have twitter tho, to DM? my phone gets beeped there. Pretty much have all notifications for everything else off since so overwhelmed. @marknadal )
Jasper Molgvits
Sure, let me download the app
Mark Nadal
youc an DM via website
I don't want you to have to download an app lol
@aethiop v nice react native app, is there a version with iris-lib functionality somewhere?

when trying to duct tape the two together i get

Unhandled Rejection (TypeError): Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'user')

pointing to err in session.js

  iris.Channel.initUser(State.public, key);
Filipe Vieira
Hi @amark thanks for the response but i cant make the call. I will open an issue on github. If necessary we can schedule a call on another day.
tedd pasta

``` const gun = Gun()

let test = gun.get('test').get('testing').set({hello: 'bye'})

let tests = gun.get('test').get('testing')

test.once(data => {
console.log('set', data)
tests.unset(data).once(datas => {
console.log('unset', datas)

when i run this, i get the following.

set { _: { '#': 'kwo8ie14Z19Vzch0tFtv', '>': { hello: 1638405799817 } }, hello: 'bye' } unset { _: { '#': 'test/testing', '>': { kwo8ie14Z19Vzch0tFtv: 1638405799818 } }, kwo8ie14Z19Vzch0tFtv: { '#': 'kwo8ie14Z19Vzch0tFtv' } }

@sammosna: Sam Mosna that is what i get after using unset, no more "hello" property, replaced with the randomized key
Well, I’m back a it, but find myself with a rather noon quesion, afer so many months away. Gun appears to mount it’s Socket.io instance at / (express root). IS here a simple way to mount i elsewhere, or alternatively, re-use the socket.io instance for non-Gun messaging?
I want to learn cryptography, I remember that the gun document recommend a awesome online tutorial for cryptography, but I lost the link of the tutorial, can anyone remember it and send it to me? thanks.
1 reply
Emad Kheir

Hi @amark! I've opened up a PR that fixes the YSON issues related to emoji handling and line breaks as well, and includes a couple of performance improvements for the YSON functionality! amark/gun#1170

Let me know if you need me to fix up anything and I'll get to it asap :)

Robin Bron
@amark I assumed the error was due to the inclusion of sea, which uses the ed25519 code that raises that error if I remember correctly. Is there a version of gun/sea which uses the "native" webcrypto instead of the polyfill?
St4z 
Hey! I wonder if creating a local only Gun instance and arranging a peer for it to connect later is currently an option? I recall there were issues with that in previous versions @amark
And is changing peers on running gun instances a reliable practice?
Barłomiej Bąk
@amark hey Mark, sure, I tried to investigate it by myself for the last couple of days, but I'm still more a user of gun than a developer :)
Filipe Vieira
Hi, @amark I have open the issue on github (amark/gun#1172)
anyone know why this login does not work on nodejs? but works on my reactjs?
const gun = SEA.GUN({ peers: gunHosts });
  const user = process.env.GUNROOTUSER as string;
  const pass = process.env.GUNROOTPASS as string;
  console.log('logging in', user, pass);
  gun.user().auth(user, pass, (e: any) => {
    //why no callback?
    console.log('logged in?', e);
    if (e.err) {
      throw new Error(e.err);
    console.log('login ok!');
im not getting any callback
annd my gun peers: [ 'http://localhost:8765/gun' ]
ive open the issue amark/gun#1173
hi i have run im getting gun.user().get is not a function
gun.user().auth(userid, pass, (e) =>{
  gun.user().get('profiles')// gun.user().get is not a function
Mark Nadal

https://twitter.com/marknadal/status/1466473190427967497 <--- Making a poor man's Unreal Engine Nanite in WebGL! Gonna hook this up with GUN to make games like the last demo.
2 replies
Ok, will catch up on chat now/soon
@amark Do not go and reinvent he wheel. Start here https://aframe.io/
@amark or if you’re web-based is not critical, consider here… https://github.com/openmetaversefoundation
using gun for login/user identity, as well as for multiplayer stuff like syncing player positions
what would be a good way of linking a user with an Ethereum wallet? i guess you could just have the user enter the public address of their wallet, but would there be a way to do it where you could prove ownership of the address? with signing their wallet or something