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Apr 2015
Amil Vasishtha
Apr 14 2015 13:26

Hey @all

Meeting next Monday 20th April at 3pm

We need to establish the following:


14 Palmers Road

*Agenda & Timeline for day - Greg & Amil
Presentations with Q&A
More presentations with Q&A? etc

*Mailing List - any volunteers? Happy to help write the email but not sure where the mailing list is
We have to send an email around to the group of people we are inviting to the Open Day + any other guests we may want to bring e.g. parents

*Food & Drink - suggestions/volunteers?
What are we supplying?


Continue at 14 Palmers Road, moving on the decking (if possible).

BYOF? Or perhaps, we get everyone to chip in?
We had hoped to do a bbq on the decking but we understand this may not be possible. Potential to cook downstairs and take food outside?

stretch goal*, Greg and Amil to make some cocktails for everyone e.g. Mojitos (suggestions and help welcome). Could get everyone who wants to drink to chip in a few quid.

We need a good pardy playlist. Any volunteers?

AFTER AFTER PARTY (we don’t want this day to end clearly)

TBC - perhaps somewhere in Brick Lane, Shoreditch or Dalston. Maybe a rooftop bar - suggestions welcome.

Amil Vasishtha
Apr 14 2015 13:34

See hackpad for clearer view of agenda:

Sarah Johnston
Apr 14 2015 20:04
What day is the open day? It's not in the hackpad?
Amil Vasishtha
Apr 14 2015 20:05
Good point, Friday 1st May I believe