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Jun 2017
Jun 14 2017 16:18
interesting. this code:
if torrentHandle, err = s.Client.AddTorrentFromFile(uri); err != nil {
            s.log.Warningf("Could not add torrent %s: %#v", uri, err)
            return nil, err
generates this error: Could not add torrent /storage/.kodi/temp/quasar/ab285dcaa755ed36198b9f6c9d1f4f1ad440a378.torrent: &bencode.UnmarshalTypeError{Value:"string", Type:(*reflect.rtype)(0x597a98)}
for specific torrent file, another one works fine
Matt Joiner
Jun 14 2017 22:11
Do you want to submit an issue for this? Can you include the torrent file? If not, do you want to PM or email it to me?
Incase anyone is interested, I use anacrolix/confluence in production and regularly hit 60MB/s transfer. I've found that anacrolix/missing go/filecache has become the bottleneck, I'll be optimising it soon.