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Nov 2017
Matt Joiner
Nov 06 2017 02:36
@iamacarpet yeah it's all good, i was back a few days ago. it is about tracking the pieces they have, but it's fiddly due to performance issues tracking all the piece states and priorities. i have it under control i'll fix it in the next day or two. nobody has noticed until now so it can't be too major
you definitely want some burst available, as the client will prefer to work in chunks. i'd try something in the order of a few 100K at least to remove some of the rough edges. i'll also do some double checking that download limit is applied correctly to data. so say you wanted 100KB/s, i'd be doing a rate like (100K, 500K) or so
Matt Joiner
Nov 06 2017 03:56
that's the bug fix
please let me know if you get any issues
Nov 06 2017 11:55
Nice one, thanks Matt, will try shortly.
Bora M. Alper
Nov 06 2017 13:10
@anacrolix Sorry I didn't have time to look at it yet, I'll work on it tomorrow.