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Nov 2017
Nov 10 2017 19:13
@anacrolix , maybe you have any idea, i'm lost. I have tried with filecache, now took some parts of your filecache to use memory storage. People first reported, now I can see same behaviour on file/memory storages. If you open and watch video - it's fine, when data is read - it's removed and new pieces come on, but if you Seek the video - your pieces are not read and new pieces not written because there is no space left, unneeded pieces not getting utilized
so you open the file, reader wants, say, 10mb, then you rewind the file, but your cache is holding previously downloaded data that is not read and so not removing that piece from the storage
Matt Joiner
Nov 10 2017 22:03
Did you set the cache capacity?
Matt Joiner
Nov 10 2017 22:15
How big is the cache?