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Nov 2017
Nov 24 2017 14:24
@anacrolix , when the piece.Completion() returns true, library is caching that state somewhere, so when I delete that piece from my side, the library still thinks I have that piece?
can't figure out, Completion() returns false for deleted item, but library tried to call readat() on that piece, but not re-download it
Nov 24 2017 14:29
I think that’s what is stored in the SQLite/Bolt DB
Would explain why stopping a torrent then restarting it causes problems.. The actual pieces have been deleted, but the library thinks it already has them, so doesn’t prioritise their download.
Nov 24 2017 14:41
there is a bitmap t.completedPieces, I do see updatePieceCompletion calls, but can't see any place that triggers it forcibly
I can try to add an exported function to make it visible, but afraid to break everything :(
@anacrolix , what do you think?