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Dec 2017
Dec 01 2017 18:42
hm. interesting. testing with good internet channel. with defaultstorage being filestorage download speed is about 300kb/s, it's a ext4 partition with sparse file on ubuntu. switched to mmap and getting 3000-3500 with same stream
Matt Joiner
Dec 01 2017 22:41
These Stats panics you're getting don't make any sense
It seems that the *connections have to be nil?
Okay there is a common theme, it's RemoteAddr, and the code must be inlined so we don't get the error in the right spot
Matt Joiner
Dec 01 2017 23:02
I've fixed the issue you submitted
That mmap panic is epic. If I had to guess, your'e on a 32bit system, and the map region size has been truncated to fit. It's probably asking for 12gb/2**32 and gets some weird remainder
Matt Joiner
Dec 01 2017 23:31
@elgatito Yes the client status you gave where it had stopped it's very clear what is wrong. It's not sending piece requests to the peers. Very interesting.
What's the readahead set to on that?
Finaly, that very big log: There are readers attached, and all the data they want is available, but they aren't reading it. Possibly your handlers that opened the Readers are stalled, I don't think that one's a problem in the torrent library.
Matt Joiner
Dec 01 2017 23:36
This paste is the most useful: Do you have the debug log prior to it?