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Dec 2017
Dec 15 2017 18:09

Finaly, that very big log: There are readers attached, and all the data they want is available, but they aren't reading it. Possibly your handlers that opened the Readers are stalled, I don't think that one's a problem in the torrent library.

Still fighting with this. Tried different approaches, debug messages, but still can't find the cause. Kodi's Curl request is closing the request coz had no data for 30 seconds, all that time nothing happen, speed drops to 0 and that's it. The biggest problem is that I can't reproduce it :(

even tried to make http handlers as you do on confluence-
also people reported problems with file storage when running on hardened devices (like OSMC's Vero 4k) , again ulimit for pieces file handlers
Matt Joiner
Dec 15 2017 23:24
Does it work sometimes? What's the code for New
Hold on, I'll look soon