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Dec 2017
Dec 21 2017 21:23
Have been waiting for a new log from users, who have that bug with frozen readers. Here is new one!HtpmWYBC!Kg9QWpmEUM2UNHHWhtsThR1p-_di6akBjxXD0TSJaMc
it's big, but can be grepped by "elementum" to leave some usefull. I was also dumping locks (thought maybe somehow lock was not unlocked), and printing ClientStatus
In this specific log piece 52 is marked as Complete
20:42:26.693 T:3678524304 NOTICE: [] DEBU memory ▶ MarkComplete Complete: 52
but then client status shows connections have 52 in next pieces, and when all other pieces are downloaded, readers still stuck on piece 52
Dec 21 2017 21:36
I will try to add more debugging messages to get some help. But there are no calls for removing that piece from the memory and it was verified by client that piece is completed (after that verification p.Complete() is called, right?)