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Dec 2017
Dec 26 2017 07:34 UTC
when doing a client.Close() and then new client creation, sometimes I see this error Error creating bit client: &net.OpError{Op:"listen", Net:"udp", Source:net.Addr(nil), Addr:(*net.UDPAddr)(0xc4202d52c0), Err:(*os.SyscallError)(0xc42033b000)}
probably because udp port is hardcoded and not ready on creation?
Dec 26 2017 13:49 UTC
uhh... got another report for a stale download. now with the latest version and with reviewed mutexes, - , can be found by Complete: 4785 text
so Client is setting a "Complete" and then I see that piece is allocated (without it - client would not verify the piece hash, right?)
and then all peers come to next pieces: [4785] and we are stuck