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Feb 2018
Matt Joiner
Feb 01 2018 03:28
yeah it was 40 for some reason once
and at some point i was happy with the performance (it was O(number of conns) for a while), and doubled it
i saw the other day that utorrent uses 50
i may have found a reason speeds could be lower if Seed=true
Matt Joiner
Feb 01 2018 04:40
i'm running my prod servers in seed mode for once
(torrent.TorrentStats) {
ConnStats: (torrent.ConnStats) {
ChunksWritten: (int64) 673,
ChunksRead: (int64) 13756,
BytesWritten: (int64) 11965132,
BytesRead: (int64) 226082585,
DataBytesWritten: (int64) 11023639,
DataBytesRead: (int64) 225375511
definitely seeding
Feb 01 2018 14:08
have just noticed commits. something got better?
made a release few hours ago, so will have a report about the change :)
Matt Joiner
Feb 01 2018 15:02
i think there's some bugs
i'm preparing for a new request strategy, there's an assertion that gets triggered tho, just came from my prod server
Feb 01 2018 20:32
have a thought. let's say we assign a config.SeedRatio which is float[0.0, 1.0], and used to multiply with ConnectionsPerTorrent. Then if we know which peers wants/has specific pieces, then we know that last completed pieces is wanted by some peers, and we can use those reserved connections to open connections to seed completed pieces
not sure if that makes sense or can work :) kinda agressive upload :D