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Mar 2018
Matt Joiner
Mar 05 2018 00:50
@AIOSearch_twitter No, you should use and separately to do announces.
AIO Search
Mar 05 2018 02:40
@anacrolix any examples?
Matt Joiner
Mar 05 2018 03:47
Sorry, I haven't the time or need to write examples for scraping. There's an awful lot of domain knowledge that surrounds it too, so simple examples aren't really sufficient to interpret or direct any exploration of the space.
Mar 05 2018 21:03
@anacrolix Well, let me know what tests I can run, I'm having the "assertNoPendingRequests" issue again and deleting the github dir isn't fixing it... I'm not sure why this is happening, I whipped up a basic example here:, and that works fine. My program works in a similar way to this, but gives me errors when I setmaxconnections or drop a torrent.