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Mar 2018
Mar 13 2018 05:37
hey @anacrolix . hope you're doing okay learning Haskell :D
I'm using torrent in elementum and recently experienced some torrents that won't download. On the /info page it says 'unregistered torrent'. Can you shed some light what that means?
Matt Joiner
Mar 13 2018 12:03
@deranjer the other source of priorities is Readers, they will force downloads to happen on the blocks they're on and some readahead. There should be no other downloading other than that (unless you have some residual inbound data after you cancel stuff, or your peers just send stuff anyway)
@herrwusel I'm not familiar with anything like that, it sounds like an elementum wrapper around something in torrent
Mar 13 2018 12:09
Thanks - good to know