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Mar 2018
Matt Joiner
Mar 29 2018 01:22
@axet It checks that there are no requests counted for connections that have been removed. Do you have the number that it panicked with? I think @deranjer was having the same issue, the number is negative which means for some reason it's deleting requests multiple times.
Mar 29 2018 01:24
@axet Do you have a codebase I can look at? Mine was a logical error where I was deleting a torrent while a goroutine was looping over the torrents and that caused the goroutine to crash as it tried to count connections for a removed torrent.
Mar 29 2018 07:47

@deranjer that what it seems happening, but how can you know if here any goroutines running? When I finish downloading torrent I stop it and remove it. and app crashes. Seems like it is not suppose to happen, and removing torrents should clean all goroutines. Source is here, but a bit complicated, sice I change original 'torrent' repo.

Mar 29 2018 10:33
@anacrolix I guess this means I can not remove active / seeding torrents before all connections self removed?