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Apr 2018
Matt Joiner
Apr 03 2018 02:06 UTC
@axet there's no reason to disallow that, I'm just not able to reproduce the problem you guys are having.
@anacrolix It seems this happens every time when I stop torrent after it moves to seeding state. And I do not understant the logic behind checking for zero array size after you just removed one element:
delete(t.conns, c)
if len(t.conns) == 0 {
Matt Joiner
Apr 03 2018 13:27 UTC
if there are no connections after removing one, it does the assertion. it's done after removing a connection because that's what it would take to get conns from > 0 to == 0
Apr 03 2018 14:27 UTC
@anacrolix I'm here if you want to discuss the API changes, but I am at work so I might be slow in responding.