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Apr 2018
Matt Joiner
Apr 21 2018 01:09
@toby, you may want to run your dht server yourself, and ferry stuff across to a torrent client manually, since you require much finer control than the torrent client can offer or expose
Apr 21 2018 13:02
@anacrolix released new version with latest torrent library. Have few reports (and myself) that on starting a torrent we have only few connections if total number of peers is pretty low (about 20-30 peers and about 2-4 connections)
So the speed is far from maximum
Toby Padilla
Apr 21 2018 14:27
@anacrolix we'd still need a DHT server running in the torrent client so we kind of need it all in one place. We don't need that fine of control really. Just the old announce hook in the DHT config. That should be sufficient.