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Jun 2018
Jun 25 2018 07:48
@anacrolix you are in active development state for the library? should we wait bit more before staging a release with these changes?
Matt Joiner
Jun 25 2018 10:25
Yeah, I haven't pushed the biggest changes yet. Found a lot of great stuff that should help with download efficiency.
It should be fine with a bit of testing
Jun 25 2018 15:43
Then I will merge after returning from vacationšŸ˜
Jun 25 2018 17:29
@anacrolix Yesterday we tested the updated torrent engine, the excessive load became less for all strategies. But it bugs everyone on weak devices. Thank you for your creation. The question arises: when starting the client and connecting the torrent there are many connections through dht. I was blocked by an ISP who said that there were about 5000 connections from me, can you solve this problem after updating the torrent engine? I found that adding a torrent adds ~ 1000 connections, but after a while they drop to ~ 200 as in the config