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Jul 2018
Matt Joiner
Jul 30 2018 01:55
@ufukomer did you try File.SetPriority(PiecePriorityNormal) ?
@spawnlmg it would seem Windows doesn't like a huge amount of UDP traffic, and its internal buffers are full. I'm not sure the best way to proceed from there, other than to mute the error.
@ufukomer priority 0 is the same as cancelling the file
@elgatito I just don't solve it using the storage, it's a lot of extra complexity. if you really want to control what comes out, use a reader
Matt Joiner
Jul 30 2018 02:27
i'm getting some errors like connection.go:1199: parsing value for key "m": parsing value for key "ut_pex": bencode: value (string) is not appropriate for type: peer_protocol.ExtensionNumber
looks like some bad peers sending some weird extension handshake messages