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Aug 2018
Aug 24 2018 07:24
@anacrolix Hello! Recent code base of 'torrent' client has strange behaviour. It can be related to 'slow download speed'. In my torrent client I have pieces chart which displays pieces status which shows pieces state: dirty, complete, empty. With 4 moths old version of 'torrent' pieces marked dirty and instantly marked complete - seems normal behaviour. But with recent 'torrent' sources pieces marked dirty and it takes a lot of time before they get marked 'complete'. As result after few seconds, all 100% pieces get market dirty and none are complete. It can be due 'bad' peers send incorrect pieces or not fully complete pieces (1 byte off for example) to slow down downloading... Hard to tell who to blame, my library, 'torrent' or bad peers, since 'torrent' has no GUI to display peers. But it would be easy if you add pieces status indicator with % of how many pieces have one or another downloading state. (95% dirty, 1% complete ... or so)
Aug 24 2018 13:00
@anacrolix Few isssues with port mapping. 1) what going to happens if UPNP return different port from local port? It will announce local port instead UPNP given port. 2) what going to happens if UPNP router/service get restarted and current mapping are gone? It will lead for two issues: you have to update mappings, and if you do, you can receive new port during currently running torrent client - you going to announce wrong port. I suggest to rewrite upnp part, as it done with libtorrent.
Aug 24 2018 14:11
Its a cut off the syncthing project. You can fork and adjust 😃