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Aug 2018
Matt Joiner
Aug 26 2018 04:33
@elgatito i don't think we take the external IP from upnp, and it can be passed through to tracker announces, but for dht it's implied
Aug 26 2018 20:54
@anacrolix For a while I struggle for my home router issues. And just recently I figure it out it was Torrent Client who to blame. Sometimes it creates uncontrolled about 1-2k connections (it can be udp sockets) per second and kill whole home network. Technically it is 'conntrack' who is triggering an allarm, so it is not a true connection but any network activity tcp or udp to a unique ip. I have original 'HalfOpenConnsPerTorrent' settings and only 3 active torrents at one time on my torrent client. It should not be a torrent engine. But looking at the source code of 'torrent' it seems the only place who can cause it is dht library. 'maybeAnnouncePeer()' can be called in uncontrolled manner and has no limitation by speed / socket count or how fact it can announce. It is the best place which to blame and can cause such havoc. Can you confirm or denny it?