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Aug 2018
Matt Joiner
Aug 28 2018 09:36
@axet that sounds very plausible
it sounds like you're confident dht is the cause?
there is definitely no rate-limiting in dht at all
Aug 28 2018 12:16
100% I had this issue for 1-2 years :) I tough it is hardware issue or DDOS, when I'm using torrents by that time. And yesterday I start to deeply investigate why router dies. Read logs, check traffic, check usb devices, drop all services and eventually come to conntrack (part of iptable netfilter) connection manager, which kill the router by out of memory exception when too many out come connection occurs, which leads to many issues including 100% cpu, traffic slowdown, dead UPNP, dead DHCP etc etc etc. Was hard to tell at first what is wrong, router become unresponsive, even after connection out burst is over. But in the end, it was DHT. For last few days I have no issues with the router.
Shared global socket limit, connection rate limiter, connection upload limiter and download limiter for booth DHT and Torrent is the must.
Aug 28 2018 12:34
My guess 200 global socket limit and 2-10 connections a second would be ideal in additional to traffic bandwith limiter configured by the user.
Aug 28 2018 17:28
Would be awesome to proxy connections limits and limiter to dht