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Sep 2018
Matt Joiner
Sep 03 2018 01:04
@axet thanks for the detailed feedback
Matt Joiner
Sep 03 2018 01:19
@axet can you confirm that global connection limit is a requirement? I think currently we only have maxEstablishedConnsPerTorrent or something. so if you are running a lot of torrents, that'll add up quickly
Sep 03 2018 06:26
Since you have more connections source then torrent, global limit is a thing. You have trackers and DHT. As I mentioned above, having uncontrolled connections can cause and network issues. TransmissionBT has global socket limit beside per torrent settings. One more issue about UPNP, UPNP port can be different from local port on busy networks where a lot of UPNP client concurrents for same "local port number", I guess current implementation is better to disable since is has a lot of major issues.