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Apr 2016
Catherine Rakama
Apr 04 2016 10:00
@/all Hi guys. Hope you are doing great! @andela-anandaa promised to share sites where you can practice your coding skills. Just to add on what he will share, here are some, you can check them out. Hacke Rank Codility, To Coder, Project Euler, Code Wars, Spere
Eric G
Apr 04 2016 10:36
Thanks @crakama
Anthony Nandaa
Apr 04 2016 13:58
@crakama — good stuff Catherine!
Margaret Ochieng
Apr 04 2016 16:30
thanks @crakama .. just to inspire all the girls here.. checkout..
Catherine Rakama
Apr 04 2016 16:37
Funny video :smile: