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May 2016
Christiaan Schmid
May 02 2016 06:51
Whatever proceeds are awarded to me of the $100 to be split with my group I will donate it to a group dinner that we should all do when this semester comes to an end... or a lunch or something. We have worked hard!
Christiaan Schmid
May 02 2016 06:57
As I've been working on the eval I'm reminded how awesome you guys are. We definitely lucked out with a great group. Just thought I'd let you all know. :thumbsup: :clap:
Nguyen Dao
May 02 2016 07:02
We should definitely celebrate the semester ending haha. You've done a banging job too Chris
Anders Pitman
May 02 2016 07:07
Hannah Van Den Bosch
May 02 2016 17:10
You guys are the best! :heart:
May 02 2016 17:31
Yes thx all for a great experience- I learned a ton! Good luck on final!