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Repo info
    Mike Melchione
    Hello, I'm trying to use AMPopTip on a UITextField (within a UITableViewCell). If I use the view within the cell, it gets cut off but if I use the whole view, it goes to the top. How would you recommend doing this?
    Andrea Mazzini
    Hi. You need to use the whole view, but offset the starting position's origin with the cell's position inside the table. So you should start with the cell's frame, and offset its origin to match the textfield inside it.
    Mike Melchione
    Thank you I'll try that. Also, is there a way to insert a UIView into the poptip? I'm looking to make a select (alternative to uipickerview)
    Andrea Mazzini
    No, the poptip as the name suggest is meant to display a UI hint to the user, I'm not planning to add more advanced features.
    Hi, any one here?
    Saruul-Ulzii Sampilnorov
    Hello, i am using PopTip on BarItem, in iphoneX, 6S it works good, but in iphone5, 5s, it overs from screen, about 10% is out of screen, in my opinion it won't. Whats problem? I didn't set value to bubbleOffset, just simple usage with string
    any one tehre?