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Sep 2014
Megan Ketelaar
Sep 14 2014 04:25
Okay guys, a couple of things:
  • I think we're jumping the gun a bit here with some functionality. For example, I've been added to the "Open/Save" card. That's fine, but it's really ambiguous. I don't know what I'm taking/returning for those commands. I'd assume a Buffer object, but we haven't defined what a buffer is yet! I think maybe we should take a step back for a moment and think about our overall approach, maybe design some domain classes?
  • I think a Buffer object should be a wrapper around a String[]. Essentially, the Buffer would store each line as in element. This will allow a number of advantages, like easy line numbers, indexed access to lines, and a nice handling of wrapped lines (we can logically represent the data as a single string, but the frontend can split it as needed)
  • This question seems to have a lot of useful information regarding designs of editors