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Sep 2014
Sep 28 2014 16:32
So before class on tuesday here is what needs to get done as far as documentation. The Design Rationale as well as a document with the difficulties we had so far with the project. For Thursdays class the documents that need to be completed are the CRC cards, Pattern Usage Document and also the known issues of our state implementation.
Andre Belanger
Sep 28 2014 19:38
That actually seems pretty doable! Remember, meeting starting at 5 tomorrow night!
Also, I just finished two (very rough) window prompts for inserting lists and tables. None of it is actually hooked up yet, but the windows can be accessed from the top bar maenu.
Megan Ketelaar
Sep 28 2014 20:43
For kicks, we should make a WYSITUTWYG
Megan Ketelaar
Sep 28 2014 21:51
@andrebelanger You're not gonna like this, but you forgot a list type: