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Tushar Jain
Yes !
Jiaqi Guo
anyone has experience interviewing at Google or Amazon or IBM?
I had 1st phone interview with google
Jiaqi Guo
same, but i want some experience of face to face onsite interview
too pity that i was rejected because i am not US citizen
@ifndefdeadmau5 oh how did it go
@aravindputrevu Didn’t went well
Compare to other company, they want me to catch the problem faster beside correctness
Leonel Atencio
Anyone had interviews for Booking.com? I just had one. If you want ome feedback, ping me.
Andrei Simionescu
Just did a complete rewrite, let me know what you think https://github.com/andreis/interview
Hey guys,
I've built a platform with some coding interview questions, where you can try to solve them online: https://csacademy.com/contest/interview-archive/
I know there's a lot of these websites, but we've tried to get a nicer experience than on other online coding tools.
I'd appreciate any constructive criticism :)
Amartya Chaudhuri
@mciucu - its an awesome site! best thing i like about it are the hourly contests .. great for timed practice, and although i find the (interview) contest questions a little more difficult than what is asked in interviews but like to have tough challenges !
Ahmed Khateeb
@JiaqiGuo Feel bad for that
Neil Haria
Anyone having ideas for the final year project, I'm an undergrad and want to do something related to Natural Language Processing (NLP) or AI
Thanks for help!
Andrei Simionescu
@neilharia7 not terribly exciting, but it might be worth doing something similar to Siri and Google Assistant. It will at least make you more interesting for a potential employer.
Neil Haria
Thanks @andreis
Renato Francia Castillo
Hello Interview World :)
Eldan Abdrashim
Hi everyone
Eduardo Moroni
@neilharia7 try out wit.ai.
Rahulsinh Jadeja
Hello Guys
http://www.crackingthecodinginterview.com/ nice book to add to the list
Devin "GIT SMASH!" Jackson
Is there blockchain engineer here who can give me a mock interview?
Divyesh Parmar
Guys I've completed my Grad in CS 4 months back university fucked up my grade and all so had to drop 4 offers I had on campus right now learning wev dev alongside geeksforgeeks reading and all can someone suggest some pathways so that I feel confident and experienced! will start applying after a month or so
Naor Malca
Hey, some one have idea about data structure that support remove the max value in constant time?(the insert not really matter)
Anurag Rai
stack should do
Rupesh Krishna Jha
hi @channel ,Can anybody tell me the best way to learn backend in Js ?? I have completed my front-end and looking for backend in node.js ....
Rupesh Krishna Jha
If anyone have any resource please send me .
Asad Mohd
can i have any good online url for preparation of angular 2/4/5/6 or question and answer for experienced
Rupesh Krishna Jha
hey @here
Get chance to win a pack of headphones ,T-shirt and other goodies ...from FOSS
Vijay Sehgal
Hey, is there any one who has completed cracking the coding interview book and whose programming language by choice is Python? I am asking as i need help. I have started it so far. It would be great if anybody amongst wants to share any material with me.
Rupesh Krishna Jha
Hi guys ,
I have made this simple CLI app for fun for learning purpose ,so please check it out and try to use it and after that please give your view,since I want to do better .The link for the app is https://github.com/Rupeshiya/FunPacketCli.GIVE YOUR REVIEW PLEASE , BECAUSE IT MATTERS A LOT FOR ME ,I WANT TO MAKE MY FUTURE BETTER ..
sorry for above link ,the link is here https://github.com/Rupeshiya/FunPacketCli

Hey Guys hi, new to this community. Started blogging about technical interviews a while back. All the Q&A can be found here: http://codingntechinterview.blogspot.com/p/java.html

Please check it out and provide you feedback. Thank you so much for your time.

@shadowdevcode Hi Vijay, I did finish Cracking the coding interview way back but in C and C++. Great book for FANG companies. Unfortunately none of my material is in Python. Otherwise happy to help answer any other related questions.
Vijay Sehgal
@onlineEducation No problem at all. I have also finished the book using python. Thank you anyway!
Rupesh Krishna Jha
Hi everyone ! I am a 2nd yr CSE undergrad from IIIT ,can anyone show me the sample example of best eyecatching resume for internship or jobs ?
Aviad Sachs
Hi everyone ! interviewing for an Android Engineer at one of the big companies, anyone has experience? would love ot talk privately.
has anyone here done the Amazon 90 minutes coding assessment before?
oh this is cool
Carl Parrish
@rinnegan where is that?
Xavery Mpombo
Hi everyone, I'm new to this site. Hope I can get some help regarding to Coding here
Liyas Thomas
Hiya! I'm preparing for facebook solutions engineer role, can anybody point out some good pratices to ace it?

has anyone here done the Amazon 90 minutes coding assessment before?

yes , someone please share experience and syllabus and how to prepare effectively or relevant tips . :)

Siddhartha singh
hi i am preparing for google, facebook SDE 1 interview please help
Jeff Smith
What are Aldi Video Interview questions that are asked? As a candidate you will need to prepare for the Aldi video interview questions. What can we expect from Aldi video interview questions? How can artificial intelligence facilitate an Aldi interview and make the process efficient?