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Repo info
Andrey Dresvyannikov
I'm in the process of adding support for 6to5 compiler. After I've done it would you like me to make pull request?
Andrey Fedoseev
@sepulchered Yes, sure.
Andrey Dresvyannikov
Could you possibly help me. I created compiler analogous to coffeescript one. And have copied tests from test_coffeescript.py file appropriately. It works, but I'm not yet able to run all tests to check if all works as expected. So could you write how to run all test, if you have time?
Andrey Fedoseev
You can skip writing tests for now. I'm going to rewrite all tests you use py.test framework.

hey all, i have problem use django 1.7 python 2.7 and when I will add:
('text/less', '/usr/local/bin/lessc {infile}'),

This to settings and this: {% load compress %} to template/home.html I will get this error:
'compress' is not a valid tag library: Template library compress not found, tried django.templatetags.compress,django.contrib.admin.templatetags.compress,django.contrib.staticfiles.templatetags.compress,django.contrib.flatpages.templatetags.compress,tags.templatetags.compre

Andrey Fedoseev
@luki922 This room is for discussions of django-static-precompiler. I think your problem is off topic.