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Mar 2015
Mar 21 2015 21:19

@fippo Thanks for your help! Unfortunately I'm still stuck... Still no remote video.
I'm serving the html page from a very basic express server listening on port 3000.
Then in the html page I've added the js from the readme:

    var webrtc = new SimpleWebRTC({
    // the id/element dom element that will hold "our" video
    localVideoEl: 'localVideo',
    // the id/element dom element that will hold remote videos
    remoteVideosEl: 'remoteVideo',
    // immediately ask for camera access
    autoRequestMedia: true,
    url: ''

// we have to wait until it's ready
webrtc.on('readyToCall', function () {
    // you can name it anything

The second part is now executed (which is an improvement), but I still don't see any remote video...
What did I miss?