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Apr 2015
Apr 10 2015 12:55
I have just started to look at SimpleWebRTC, literally copying and pasting code ATM to get my head around it. I ran the code locally and somehow I connected to a random person. I think I made him jump! Very bizarre and a hell of a security issue. Can anyone shine any light on this? I suppose I have done something wrong without doing much at all...
Xander Dumaine
Apr 10 2015 14:37
@SometimesSean if you're connecting to the same signaling server as that person (the sandbox one set up by &yet) and happened to use the same room id, that'll happen. It's not a security issue if you're both connecting to to the same sandbox server.
It's the same thing as if you were both using the demo page and typed 'asdf' into the room box.
Apr 10 2015 14:46
Cool, yes it looks like that happened. Thanks for the reassurance @xdumaine