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Apr 2015
Dean Sofer
Apr 18 2015 01:34
anyone around?
Dean Sofer
Apr 18 2015 01:40
I keep getting this: GET net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT
Hello, I've gotten SimpleWebRTC working on desktop browsers, and am now trying to get the iOS demo to run. I get Build Succeeded, but when it runs on my phone, I just get a white screen. I get the following debug info: 2015-04-17 21:51:37.128 ios-demo[9978:1976855] WARNING: -[<AVCaptureConnection: 0x17d8a570> setVideoMinFrameDuration:] is deprecated. Please use AVCaptureDevice setActiveVideoMinFrameDuration
2015-04-17 21:51:37.131 ios-demo[9978:1976746] connect success
2015-04-17 21:51:37.130 ios-demo[9978:1976855] WARNING: -[<AVCaptureConnection: 0x17d8a570> setVideoMaxFrameDuration:] is deprecated. Please use AVCaptureDevice setActiveVideoMaxFrameDuration
2015-04-17 21:51:37.218 ios-demo[9978:1976746] join success. Not sure how to debug. Any advice?
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