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May 2015
May 11 2015 10:49
Hi henric!
May 11 2015 11:00

Hi Henric!
we are trying to use SimpleWebRTC library to set up a simple videoconferencing internal tool. Everything worked fine with the default signaling server configuration and we wanted to try to substitute the default STUN server with ours.
We installed the RFC5766 TURN/STUN server as suggested by you ( and tryed to replace the url.
But we are pretty stuck, since we tried to update the iceServers configuration in the latest.js file, but it doesn't work:
peerConnectionConfig: {
iceServers: [ url: "" }, {
url: "",
'credential': 'username',
'username': 'password' } ] }

My question then is very simple? In which file should we put our new STUN/TURN server address and credentials?
Thank you very much!!!

May 11 2015 11:49
Thanks @xdumaine it's working now. I also made the node noob mistake of not knowing that closing a terminal window also closes my server. So I had to invoke Linux screen. It's been a pretty handy baptism of fire, eventually, though :D