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May 2015
May 15 2015 03:00
hi,I installed my own turn server, but i don't know how to edit the config file,there is no iceservers in the config file , should i edit the turnservers ,but what does the secrt mean ? could someone help me. Thank
you very much !!
May 15 2015 19:29
Hi Henrik, I'm new testing webRTC, I use the first code lines to turn on my camera before I start use the signalmaster, however it doesn't work, do I have todo anything else?, the code of may webpage is:
var webrtc = new SimpleWebRTC({
// the id/element dom element that will hold "our" video
localVideoEl: 'localVideo',
// the id/element dom element that will hold remote videos
remoteVideosEl: 'remotesVideos',
// immediately ask for camera access
autoRequestMedia: true
// we have to wait until it's ready
webrtc.on('readyToCall', function () {
// you can name it anything
webrtc.joinRoom('your awesome room name');