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Jul 2015
Jul 13 2015 07:58

I've built a small simpleWebRTC application which connects three videos peers. It works perfectly when I use it online. Now I want it to work locally in a local area network without any connection to the internet.

I've successfully installed Node.js and the Signalmaster server locally on my windows machine.

After removing the internet connection the application is not working anymore. The video peers are not showing up anymore. I guess that is coming from the issue that the application still wants to connect to the stun server "" which is of course not possible without internet connection.

I guess that I do not need a stun server in a local area network. Is that assumption right?

So how would I configure SimpleWebRTC and the Signalmaster server to not use a stun server at all? Which lines of codes must be changed?

Thanks for your help in advance!

Jul 13 2015 12:21
you require internet connection !!!!!! to connect to stun server
Philipp Hancke
Jul 13 2015 23:06
@shlanga setting stunservers to [] in signalmaster's configuration should be enough. but it's odd that it doesn't work, on a lan no stun server should be required. does chrome://webrtc-internals show anything useful? there should be both addIceCandidate and onicecandate calls in the trace on the left