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Aug 2015
Aug 12 2015 00:56
Hi guys! I did the running application to our non-profit initiatives in Russia. I used OpenTok, but it was too expensive. Now I'm trying to set up SimpleWebRTC. Basic example works fine! But I need more. I installed on my VPS server signalmaster, but I can not configure it for XirSys (later try to put my own STUN), because very little documentation. So, I can not deal with webrtc.js - a lot of files in the repository, and I do not understand any of them I study (I need to know the names of the files and have at least some comments in the code to try to understand API). I would be grateful if you answer a few questions:
  1. Connect latest.js enough to use the full functionality webrtc.js etc. Modules included in SImpleWebRTC?
  2. How to set up a base assembly - which files should be on the server? How to start signaling server (after I ran "npm install signal-master")? customize it for XirSys (documentation XirSys, unfortunately, not enough)?
  3. As it is in the client part of it to make a connection with my signal server.
  4. Will I be able to create connections to limit the video resolution like 320x240? I have not seen in the designer "resolution".
    I am the third day I read the materials and experiment with SimpleWebRTC and does not intend to give up. But with a little help does not hurt me. Thank you in advance!
    P.S. I am so sorry, but I use Google Translate, as English at the reading level of technical documentation.
Aug 12 2015 01:26
UPD: I ran "npm install signal-master" in not public directory, and ran "npm install simplewebrtc" in /var/www, it's ok?