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Dec 2015
Dec 09 2015 01:06
Hi, I'm trying to run the simplewebrtc demo on cloud 9, but it doesn't work, is there anything else that I need to do beside installing express and
Michal Ptaszek
Dec 09 2015 03:10
@xdumaine - thanks - will definitely try it out :)
Michal Ptaszek
Dec 09 2015 17:13
hmm, i must be doing something stupid - after setting that configs I'm getting "ICE failed, see about:webrtc for more details" in firefox. I've also added few additional debug statements in the JS code to print out relay candidates, however I'm not getting any of them in the SDP offer (just host candidates). I suspect it might be due to my turnserver configuration - does anyone have a working example of simplewebrtc + signalmaster + turnserver that forces TURN?