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Dec 2015
Dec 10 2015 03:47
hi,I met problem when build signalmaster node server
when I use: sudo node server.js it works n0 error!
but when I visit directly the socket url: ..X.*:8888/
the response download & the content is:
the node server give cotent to downlaod
Dec 10 2015 20:04

Hello guys! Can you help me please? How I can send emit between server and client. On the client side "webrtc.sendToAll" and webrtc.connection.on working perfect. But how can I tell to server something? var ioS = require('').listen(httpsServer);

ioS.sockets.on('event:user_connected', function (socket){

I try listen like this
and send from client by webrtc.connection.emit("event:user_connected", "data"); but it desen't work