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Dec 2015
Timothy Washington
Dec 24 2015 19:50
Hi all
By default, SimpleWebRTC uses “” as its signaling server. Now, this is an XHR endpoint, and somehow, signal master seems to switch it to a web socket connection.
Now, I’m trying to use my own signaling server with SimpleWebRTC. And it’s a straightforward websocket endpoint. So when creating the SimpleWebRTC object, I have SimpleWebRTC { “url” : ”ws://<my-IP>/chatroom" ...}
But upon creating the SimpleWebRTC object, it proceeds to try and connect to “http://<my-IP>/”.
How can I get SimpleWebRTC to just connect directly to “ws://<my-IP>/chatroom”, and have those parameters just passed along to other peers as signal master does? Does my signaling server have to do anything other than pass along the parameters / message that the initiator sends?