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Jan 2016
Philipp Hancke
Jan 28 2016 19:12
@apptestingrc federation between signaling servers? you should go for xmpp and jingle.js for that
Xander Dumaine
Jan 28 2016 20:11
Well... Theoretically (we did it) you can do this with SimpleWebRTC and signalmaster if you use something like redis to share state between server instances. Though I don't recommend it. Fippo's right.
Oluwafemi Korede
Jan 28 2016 22:41
hello room
I have a question about the signalmaster, I installed it on a centos vps and tried running the server but it kept saying my server runs on localhost:8888 on a live server
Have I installed wrongly or did I miss anything out, I used this link to install
Oluwafemi Korede
Jan 28 2016 23:30
I also noticed that I could not do video chat with a friend who is on a separate network when trying out the simplewebrtc I downloaded from github, please what could be the reason for that