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Feb 2016
Benny Jacobs
Feb 14 2016 11:58
Hello! I am trying to use SimpleWebRTC in a Android WebView using Android 6.0.1. Unsuccessfully. Is it working for anyone?
Fairuz Wan Ismail
Feb 14 2016 12:27
@Benny- what is not working? I did managed to get WebRTC working on a Lollipop. Never tried on Marshmallow but it should works too
Benny Jacobs
Feb 14 2016 12:37
The readyToCall signal from webrtc.on is never fired.
var webrtc = new SimpleWebRTC({ localVideoEl: '', remoteVideosEl: '', autoRequestMedia: true });
Benny Jacobs
Feb 14 2016 13:51
@wmfairuz If you send me your project I can test it on Marshmallow. :smile: