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Mar 2016
Andrew Lee
Mar 06 2016 23:09
hello! i am working on setting up a signalmaster server and have been running into problems. i have the server hosted but when i try to connect to it by overriding the url option when instantiating simplewebrtc, i am getting the error Access-Control-Allow-Origin error.
i was originally trying to hook up simplewebrtc to xirsys but it kept defaulting to the google stun/turn servers. i saw a post somewhere i have to either override simplewebrtc.js or deploy my own production singalling server. this seemed like the right thing since in simplewebrtc documentation it says to use your own signalling server. can someone help me connect simplewebrtc, own signalling server, and xirsys stun and turn servers? that is the link to simplewebrtc defaulting to the google stun/turn servers under the troubleshooting section and andyet/SimpleWebRTC#134 is the link that suggests it will work by setting up my own signalmaster